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--- Fountain OF ACTION! ---
Sword in the Stone OF ACTION! Sword in the Stone OF ACTION!
Professor Pow! plans to take the English throne by removing the Sword from the Stone. The CIA is on the case, assigning Crush and partner Roxie Redcoat to the case. Crush must fight a team of terrorists and defeat Lt. Laserface in order to Save the Queen and prevent the reign of King Pow!

Fountain OF ACTION!

Fountain OF ACTION!
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2005 - An Odyssey OF ACTION! 2005 - An Odyssey OF ACTION!
Evil emperor Professor Pow! obtains a Monolith that gives him the power to turn everybody on Earth into monkeys. CIA Special Agent Colonel Crush tasked with stopping Pow! and is assigned a partner. Unfortunately, the partner betrays Crush. If Crush doesn't succeed, we'll all be swinging from trees.
From Russia with ACTION! From Russia with ACTION!
Professor Pow! goes on vacation, but arranges for Lt. Laserface to steal the original Hammer and Sickle from Lenin's Tomb. To stop him in time, Crush must team up with his army buddy from the cold war, Corporal Cramm.
State Secrets
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Fountain OF ACTION!
Fountain OF ACTION!
A Colonel Crush Film
"I'll rule the world... forever!"
5.0 Pts.
19 November, 2007
Action, Comedy
13 and older
Professor Pow! distracts Colonel Crush with the capture of a Garbage Man, while Pow's terrorists obtain the Fountain of Youth and go after the Supreme Court. Crush attempts to capture Pow!, but is betrayed by his own CIA director.

The betrayal leads Crush into a deadly trap, where Pow's terrorists capture the Colonel. Pow! tells Crush of his scheme and orders his thugs to kill our hero.

Fortunately, Jennifer "Justice" Government arrives to rescue Colonel Crush, and the two set off to avenge Crush's betrayal and stop Pow! from taking over the world.

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