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There's been a MURDER!
Is Dirk Snowglobe DEAD?

10 January, 2009 - Check out ~ The Murder of Dirk Snowglobe ~. It's the site for our new web series about a detective who thinks he's dead.

The site includes our blog, articles and the latest work of P3Pictures.

Can you solve Dirk's murder?

- Jon Fairhurst
Visit the Last Outpost
Hike to Safety

30 December, 2008 - P3Pictures has released our first Microfilm shot on the Canon 5D Mark II. The snowy location was our back yard after getting more than a foot of snow.


- Jon Fairhurst
The Mobsters are Back!
Grab the Loot!

18 August, 2008 - This week we are re-releasing "Mobsters."

When bored, think twice before making a practical joke...

- Jon Fairhurst
Terrorists Target Sword in Stone
Professor Pow! unavailable for comment

19 May, 2008 - The NSA has revealed that the phrase "Sword in the Stone" has been heard on recent chatter on known terrorist phone lines. Analysts disagree about the significance of the reference to the ancient myth. Attempts to contact Professor Pow! for additional clues have failed. His message machine claims that he is busy at an underground poker tournament.

Gift stores in England have been placed on Chartreuse Alert immediately. The actual Sword in the Stone has been left unguarded however, since everybody knows it's a fake.

To see what happens next, watch our re-release of Colonel Crush 3: The Sword in the Stone OF ACTION!

God Save the Crush...

- Jon Fairhurst
Race those Minivans!
Midnight Minivan Drag Racing - GO!!!

28 April, 2008 - Racing season is upon us. Kimi Raikkonen won the F1 race in Barcelona. Kyle Bush won at Talladega. Dixon won the Kansas Indycar race.

But if you want real action, try drag racing a minivan at midnight. Feel the excitement in our recycled microfilm, Minivantastic!

- Jon Fairhurst
They Fell From a Plane
Snakes on a Car Re-released

15 April, 2008 - Roll up your windows and put the pedal to the metal. Snakes on a Car is back!

This week we are re-releasing the trailer. Next week, the movie.

And don't forget to DESTROY THE LATTES!!!

- Jon Fairhurst
Pass the Veggies!
Blazing Broccoli Re-Released!

07 April, 2008 - Hold onto your grocery cart. Blazing Broccoli is back in season!

See Brock Broccoli get revenge/ prove his innocence/ stop a deadly virus/ overcome his past/ and take some more revenge in this action-packed vegetable trailer.

This summer the produce section heats up!

- Jon Fairhurst
It's an ad extravaganza!
Watch us sell T-shirts!

31 March, 2008 - See our collection of ads for our original T-shirts. Since then, we've moved our store and added more selection. Click on the "Crush Store" link at the top of the page to see our wares.

My favorite is the Garbage Man line of products. See Jeff give his classic line, "I'm just the Garbage Man." We also have Snakes on a Car swag that commands people to "Destroy the Lattes!"

The Crush Store has it all!

- Jon Fairhurst
Bert Petersen captures World Record
Beats 50 Fly mark by 0.52 seconds.

25 March, 2008 - Today, releases our latest blockbuster: The World's Fastest Flyer, starring Bert Petersen in his World Record setting role.

See Bert swim the 50m butterfly in a dramatic 31.55 seconds - 0.52 seconds faster than the previous World Record.

TECHNICAL NOTE: To see Bert's movies, you will need the latest Flash Player, available here:

The new film is set to an original score. Don't miss it! If you haven't yet seen Bert's first hit Microfilm, "Bert Petersen - 50m Fly", you might want to watch it first.

Congratulations to Bert!

- Jon Fairhurst
Good vs Evil
Help us Triumph!

17 March, 2008 - Once a century, a call rings out that must be answered. A couple weeks ago we heard that call--a commercial contest for a video game that has eaten our time like a hungry black hole of injustice. The game is City of Heroes, and the commercial turned out awesome. So watch it and love it.

Then rate it five stars here: "
&id=103" to help us triumph in this epic battle. You know we deserve it.

- Nathan Fairhurst