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Snakes on a Car
The Snakes have Landed

07 May, 2007 - The highly anticipated microfilm Snakes on a Car is finally here. We were a bit late, but that's only because the intense amounts of Green Screenage in the film--er... real driving, no special effects. Anyway, watch it cause it's awesome.

- Nathan Fairhurst
Crush Adds RSS Feeds
Stay Current!

02 May, 2007 - Colonel Crush adds another new feature: RSS feeds. Stay up to date with the latest Crush Movies, News, Blogs and even user Comments. Choose one, or all. It's up to you.

Click the [RSS] link above for the full scoop.

- Jon Fairhurst
Ad Reel
Blatant Advertising at it's Best...

30 April, 2007 - This weeks microfilm is a showcase of all our ads that launched with the site. Most of you have seen them, so you know how funny they are, and if you haven't, check them out. And don't forget, next weekend marks the release of SoaC, prepare yourself. PS. Hope everyone has been enjoying some of the new features, if you don't know what I'm talking about, just scroll down to the bottom of our main page.

- Nathan Fairhurst
Features Galore!
Crush Site Gets 3 New Features

29 April, 2007 - We've added a news page (click on "[more news]" above), so now you can read all of our news articles.

We've also added lists of the latest blogs and of the latest comments. (Scroll down on the main page.) Now you can read everything people have been saying without having to click on all those links.


- Jon Fairhurst
Don't Open Your Sunroof
The Snakes will Get In!

23 April, 2007 - Remember 2006? The greatest movie lead up of all time was in progress as the Snakes on a Plane Trailer hit the screens. We've one upped them. People fly in planes a few times a year, but we drive cars everyday. And if our cars have snakes on them, nobody is safe!

- Jon Fairhurst
YouTube Parody
That'll show 'em

16 April, 2007 - For anyone who has wanted to get rid of the YouTube logo on their videos when you embed them, this video is for you. And the people who have never noticed before. It's for them too. Watch this video on YouTube as well, cause it's almost funnier there.
Embed it somewhere and make some one else smile too.

- Nathan Fairhurst
Be Our Friend
P3Pictures MySpace page up

13 April, 2007 - Our new MySpace page is online, and we have the world's coolest friends. If you're a Crush fan and a MySpacer, give us an add!

You can find the P3Pictures MySpace page here.

- Jon Fairhurst
Breaking News
Breaking News Released

09 April, 2007 - This just in: Breaking News has just been released. That's all for you today; you stay classy, San Diego.

- Nathan Fairhurst
We're in a Podcast!
Listen to the Crushness!

06 April, 2007 - Check out this podcast from about the 45% point. Pure, 100% awesome...

- Jon Fairhurst
Milk Battle
of Good vs Evil

02 April, 2007 - The microfilm that's been in the works for nearly a year, this four minute short of awesome lightsabery duelage is finally complete. In the battle for milk, who will triumph?

- Nathan Fairhurst