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P3Pictures Wins Best Musical Score
Another successful 48 hour film for P3P

24 August, 2007 - Heart Break Break In, the seven minute musical produced by Poorly Projected Pictures, opened the Best of Portland screening of the 2007 48-Hour Film Project last night to a full house. The audience reaction was positive and enthusiastic. At the end of the night, the film had won honors for Best Musical Score.

Thirteen films were shown - all of them strong. Best Film went to Love and Sappiness by Cinema Syndicate, the top team two years running.

On Monday at noon we will release Heart Break Break In as a Microfilm on the website. Come check it out!

- Jon Fairhurst
P3Pictures in Top Portland 48 Hour Group
Crush Webisode Delayed Again

22 August, 2007 - For the second year in a row, Poorly Projected Pictures' entry in the 48 Hour Film Project has made it into the second round of screenings. Our film, Heart Break Break In, a musical, was one of three films in Portland's Group C to make the cut. Thirteen of the fifty-five entered teams are still in the hunt. At stake is the award of Portland's Best 48-Hour Film of 2007. Our fingers are crossed and we hope to break at least one leg.

In major bummer news, we didn't get Webisode 7 finished last night. Rather than launching at noon today, we hope to post it late tonight...

- Jon Fairhurst
Webisode 7 Delayed
Sorry about that folks!

20 August, 2007 - We're still recovering from the "fun" of the 48-hour film project. We plan to release Webisode 7 on Wednesday at noon, PDT. The following week, we will release "Heart Break Break In", our 48-hour film project musical.

- Jon Fairhurst
48 Hour Film Project
B for Vendetta Re-Released

13 August, 2007 - This weekend the Poorly Projected Pictures team filmed like maniacs as part of the 48 Hour Film Project ( Here's the deal. On Friday evening, they give you your genre (we got musical), and everybody gets the same character (Rachel Schwartz, Quality Control Expert), prop (a balloon) and a line of dialog ("do you smell what I smell?"). On Sunday evening, we turned in our video tape - with seven minutes to spare.

As you can guess, we didn't have enough time to complete From Russia with ACTION! Webisode 7, so we're re-releasing B for Vendetta, one of my favorite Microfilms that we shot in HD.

So... the common theme this week is "bananas." (Watch our 48 hour film to see what we mean.) You can see our entry at Portland's Hollywood Theater at 7:15pm on Thurs., Aug. 16th.

So, come to the screening and vote for the Poorly Projected Picture, "Heart Break Break In." We made it to the finals last year, and your vote can help us do it again!

- Jon Fairhurst
Crush is Undead.
But not like Zombies.

07 August, 2007 - Crush has indeed survived the wrath of the Koala. But can he stop Laserface and Pow before their evil plan comes to fruition!? Or worse, vegetablation!? Watch this episode and--maybe--you'll find out. And stay tuned for the final episode on Monday, which will, as always, feature a blooper reel. Also if you are local to the Camas/Vancouver/Portland area, come check out the 48 hour film project which Poorly Projected Pictures is competing in this weekend. Screenings are the following two Thursdays.

- Nathan Fairhurst
Crush is Dead.

06 August, 2007 - Last week Crush collapsed after fighting his toughest nemesis ever--a robotic koala. We asked the question, is he dead? And the answer is yes. The episode with his funeral wont be out until tomorrow, as it's been a week full of tears here at p3pictures. Sorry about that. And kick a koala if you see one.

- Nathan Fairhurst
Fight, Fight, Fight!!
Webisode 5 a Slugfest!

30 July, 2007 - Webisode 5 of From Russia with ACTION! has been released a week after being stolen in a bank robbery. If you like fight scenes, you'll love this Webisode!

- Jon Fairhurst
Police Recover Lost Crush video
"Knives Mobster" Thought Disc was Sterling Silver

30 July, 2007 - Poorly Projected Pictures has recovered Webisode 5 of the Colonel Crush movie, From Russia with ACTION! The lost-then-found video will be released on the website at noon today.

According to police, the leader of the AJ Clan returned the video and apologized, claiming that his colleague "Knives" believed the DVD to be a valuable disc of pure silver. At the station, Clan leader AJ reportedly slapped "Knives" upside the head saying, "Why ya gotta be so freakin' stupid?"

The missing $500,000 has not been recovered. Clan members were able to sneak out of the station, as police watched an advanced screening of the Crush video.

Police Chief McGorckagal responded to the escape saying, "That video was totally frickin' awesome."

- Jon Fairhurst
Police uncover Mobster video
Robbers appear unaware of stolen Crush video

23 July, 2007 - Police have discovered a surveillance video of the notorious AJ Clan after their recent bank robbery that includes a half million dollars in cash, as well as the latest Colonel Crush Webisode. The Mobsters video is posted exclusively at

The thieves seem to have no idea that their haul includes the valuable Crush movie. Authorities believe that they will be able to persuade the criminals to return the highly anticipated movie in time for release on July 30th at noon, PDT.

When asked to comment on the situation, Colonel Crush responded from Russia with ACTION, saying, "Uhhh."

- Jon Fairhurst
Mobsters Delay Crush Webisode
Jimmy Held For Questioning

21 July, 2007 - As fans were breathlessly awaiting the release of Webisode 5 of From Russia with Action, a gang of Mobsters hijacked the film, delaying the release by one week. Federal agents are questioning "Jimmy", a two-bit hood and runner for the notorious AJ clan.

Sources have confirmed that the Crush Webisode was locked in a bank safe that was robbed Saturday night, along with nearly half a million dollars in cash. A police raid, based on an anonymous cell phone tip, captured "Jimmy", some groceries and a can of gun polish. The movie, the cash and the gang remain at large.

A police spokesperson predicts that the valuable Crush Webisode will be recovered and ready for release on July 30th at noon, PDT. Colonel Crush, still in Russia and threatened with death by Corprol Cramm, had no comment.

- Jon Fairhurst