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P3Pictures in Daily Evergreen
Crush takes hold on WSU campus

29 March, 2007 - The Daily Evergreen, newspaper for WSU (home of Crush Trouper, Jason Keene), printed an article about today. Check out it out here.

- Nathan Fairhurst
CC3: The Final Webisode is Up!
The True King has Returned!

26 March, 2007 - The third movie in the saga of Colonel Crush is now complete and online. You can now see how Crush saves England's most cherished relic and defeats Pow! and Laserface.

And don't stop the film at the end credits. This puppy includes The Outtakes of the Sword in the Stone OF ACTION!

In the near future we will release a single CC3 download with the continuous story. Next up will be a string of Microfilms, and then CC4: From Russia with ACTION! Unlike CC3, we plan weekly releases of CC4 - but only after we get ahead of the curve on editing and composing.

Be a True King and return next week for ...Milk Battle!

- Jon Fairhurst
How do you pronounce that?

19 March, 2007 - For those of you expecting Milk Battle today, sorry, it's just not quite ready to be released yet. So we're giving you something just as awesome instead. This is the trailer for the movie Shoevil, that will never actually be released in entirety--just watch the trailer and you'll know why.

Also, the final webisode of Colonel Crush 3 comes out one week from today, so be prepared!

- Nathan Fairhurst
Webisode 5
Pow is your Master!

11 March, 2007 - Prepare yourselves for a HUGE Colonel Crush SHOWDOWN as Colonel Crush attempts to thwart Professor Pow's plans to brainwash King Arthur. Terrorists will die and Kings will weep as they dance a deadly waltz. A deadly waltz of ACTION!

- Nathan Fairhurst
Too scary for words!

05 March, 2007 - Check out our latest release 'Roomates' about a practical joke by an embittered roommate gone horribly terribly wrong! No pun intended. Or maybe it was...muahaha!

- Nathan Fairhurst
Webisode 4
Rocket Lauching into ACTION!

26 February, 2007 - Our longest webisode yet is now up and awesome. Find out if Professor Pow really does kill Colonel Crush--I'll give you a hint, he does! And watch to see if Roxie can finally get Crush to pay attention to her. It's awesome!

- Nathan Fairhurst
Want a gaming job?
Then hope for some good luck!

20 February, 2007 - Ever wonder what it would be like when interviewing for a nerd-owned gaming company? Roll your 20-sided die, watch the video and find out.

- Jon Fairhurst
Webisode Three
Car Chase Glory

12 February, 2007 - Now, the episode we've all been waiting for--the one with the car chase!

- Nathan Fairhurst
Got Milk?
Or Got No Milk???

05 February, 2007 - What could turn your morning breakfast into a nightmare? Watch "Milk or No Milk" to find out!

- Jon Fairhurst
Webisode 2
Double the Webisodes, Double the Fun

29 January, 2007 - If you can't get the Webisodes fast enough, here's the next installment of Colonel Crush 3! Prepared to be rocked.

- Nathan Fairhurst