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Matt ThogersonMatt Thogerson's Blog
Posted: 2007-08-24, 07:36PM GMT
I would just like to congratulate everyone involved in the making of Heart Break Break In as part of the 48 Hour Film Project. It was indeed a crowd favorite and a resounding success. Though I am technically still sleep deprived--a whole two weeks later, no less--I really enjoyed the experience...again.

Additionally I would like to organize a large scale ColCrush.Com promotional campaign pretty soon--the more troupe members that participate: the better. I'm thinking viral... and the only antidote is more COLCRUSH.COM!
Posted: 2007-05-04, 10:12PM GMT
The night our esteemed leader N. Fairhurst wrapped up SoaC he oh so politely txt'd me at 7:15 in the morning. Thanks dude! I totally wanted to get up that early because I clearly need three hours of preparation for class!

But in all seriousness I went and checked out the rough cut of SoaC and I must say I'm very, very pleased. You are all in for a treat, whether you like snakes, cars, coffee or snakes on cars with coffee.
Posted: 2007-04-16, 06:44PM GMT
Another wonderful morning in which I'm laying in bed dreaming quite literally about apologizing to my instructor for being so terribly late to class when suddenly I snap out of bed grasp my timepiece and note that I have indeed completely missed class. Good job me... good job.
Posted: 2007-03-25, 11:44PM GMT
Victoria B.C. is freezing! I'm sitting here not paying attention to Nathan as he keeps talking. Kara and Jeff are on their bed doing math. And I'm growing hungry.

Posted: 2007-01-12, 04:54AM GMT
Ha, actually I was still flying two days after I left. But I'm never leaving this place, so you guys have fun! Just kidding, though I really am enjoying this lovely 98 degree weather, and the gorgeous ocean and what-not. I've met Kangaroo's and Koalas, been up and down the city in a mad-dash scavenger hunt, and made some awesome friends. This place is phenomenal. In a couple of weeks I'll be taking a weeks travel vacation of the Cairns, three days on a sail boat, two on the beach and one in the jungle. It's going to be wonderful. Anyhow, I best be off--here in Australia they charge internet by the kilobyte transfer; hence I can't watch any of the movies :(. Have a great time in the snow gentlemen and ladies, I have more tanning to do.
Posted: 2007-01-02, 06:41PM GMT
Well all I'm enjoying my last day in the U.S. of A for the next three months! I hope all goes well in post, and I'll be coordinating via this site and facebook with Nathan for Colonel Crush V! I only have one request: Don't break America while I'm gone!

... or the Wii, don't break the Wii.
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