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--- Reach - Day 1 ---
The Last Outpost The Last Outpost
A hiker and a lookout cross paths
Mountain Dew Ad Mountain Dew Ad
We did this film for a contest.
Mobsters Mobsters
A band of ruthlessly cunning mobsters hideout after a huge score. What exactly do mobsters do while they wait for the smoke to blow over? You'll have to watch and find out.
A failed microfilm that became a painfully stitched together blooper reel.
Gas Crunch Gas Crunch
This film details a post-apocalyptic future where gas shortages have forced the military to take complete control of the world!
WooTown - Random Thoughts WooTown - Random Thoughts
Random Thoughts performing at WooTown.
WooTown - Music in General WooTown - Music in General
Music in General performing at WooTown.
Minivantastic Minivantastic
A simple game of pool goes terribly wrong and ends in a breakneck drag racing stunt at midnight in minivans.
Snakes on a Car - Movie Snakes on a Car - Movie
A movie about three guys with snakes on their car.
Snakes on a Car - Trailer Snakes on a Car - Trailer
Trailer for the upcoming Snakes on a Car Microfilm
Blazing Broccoli Blazing Broccoli
A Broccoli on a mission.
T-shirt Ad Showcase T-shirt Ad Showcase
This is a complete reel of the ads that debuted with the new site layout.
The World's Fastest Flyer The World's Fastest Flyer
Bert Petersen swims to a new world record in the 50 meter butterfly
City of Heroes Commercial City of Heroes Commercial
This commercial was made for a a contest for the massive multiplayer online game City of Heroes. We love this game, so we kinda went all out.
Turbo the Cat Turbo the Cat
A young boy plays a cold trick on Turbo the Cat.
It Began at Midnight It Began at Midnight
A man buys an RV cheap. Sometimes a deal is just too good to be true.
Welcome to YouTube Welcome to YouTube makes fun of how You Tube puts their logo on all their videos.
Breaking News Breaking News
When disaster strikes, Sprite Jones is on the scene.
Milk Battle Milk Battle
When lightsabers lost by two stupid jedi fall into the wrong hands, the consequences are dire.
Bert Petersen - 50m Fly Bert Petersen - 50m Fly
Bert Petersen goes to Oregon City in search of a world record.
Shoevil Shoevil
This is the trailer for the never to be released horror movie Shoevil. In this film an innocent man falls victim to an evil pair of shoes.
Roommates Roommates
A film that shows the true terror and horror of living with a vindictive and heartless roommate.
Delivery on Elm Street Delivery on Elm Street
Some friends order pizza, but have no cash. Somebody must pay.
Job Interview Job Interview
Even your ability for saves couldn't help this.
Milk or No Milk Milk or No Milk
A short film about what happens when breakfast goes terribly wrong...

Reach - Day 1

Reach - Day 1
paused Microfilm
Us and Them Us and Them
A rare serious film from P3Pictures. An interrogator during the McCarthy period is "the best" at his job. Originally made for the 48 hour film project, Portland 2006.
Heart Break Break In Heart Break Break In
"Tea Cup" loves a girl who prefers bad men, and turns to a life of crime.
B for Vendetta B for Vendetta
A man trying to read his newspaper. A banana out for revenge.
State Secrets
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Blog Entries for Reach - Day 1

Matt Thogerson
Matt Thogerson
Posted: 2007-01-28, 10:45AM GMT
Personally I have difficulty with speaking. So there. I thought the voice over was hard. Because, as you all know, English is my second language.
Michael Fairhurst
Michael Fairhurst
Posted: 2007-01-27, 07:00PM GMT
Oh come on, it wasn't that hard, was it guys?!

No, I was there for the entire filming process (take that jeff) and the hardest part was the puppeteering.

But seriously, do you reallize how difficult it was for us to flip that warthog there? We ended up flipping a tank over and driving off of it, but most of the time we would just fall off the front. You guys try it some time! Its ridiculous!
Nathan Fairhurst
Nathan Fairhurst
Posted: 2007-01-26, 05:32AM GMT
Yeah, Jeff's got this one totally right--that stuff is hard! I don't know how those guys at Red vs. Blue do that from week to week. A lot of fun though. That shot of the warthog rolling behind the safety guy makes me laugh every time. But you don't even want to know how many takes that took. AAH!

Worst part about this webisode though is this is one of the last microfilms done with my old camera as it went through the process of dying, meaning getting all the footage off the tape was really difficult. I was really worried that this film wasn't going to be made because we couldn't get the video off the tapes. But, here it is after all.
Jeff Drovdahl
Garbage Man
Posted: 2007-01-25, 06:21AM GMT
I would just like to point out how incredibly hard Puppeteering for this Microfilm was. Although it was rather fun and quite amusing at the end; the endless takes of getting the Halo characters to look like they were "talking" was a pain. And I only worked on half of the whole project. Besides that this film makes me crack up every time I watch it.

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